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Compiled songbooks:

A Lot of Songs Version 3(our compiled songbook)

4S4E_Start Playing the Ukulele

Syrauke Songbook Vol 1

Syrauke Woody Guthrie Songbook

Syrauke Songbook Vol 2

Syrauke Songbook Vol 3

Syrauke_Songbook_Vol 4

Syrauke_Songbook_Vol 5

Syrauke Bluegrass(ish) Songbook

Individual songs


2 Responses to “Songbook”
  1. Molly Malone-Cockles and Mussels
    (after Sinead O’Connor)

    C Am
    In Dublin’s fair city,

    Dm G7
    where girl’s are so pretty

    C A7
    I first set my eyes on

    D7 G7
    sweet Molly Malone

    C Am
    She wheeled her wheel barrow

    Dm G7
    through streets broad and narrow

    G7 C Am
    Crying Cockles and Mussels

    G C
    Alive Alive-O


    C Am Dm G7
    Alive alive-O, A-live alive-O

    G7 C G- Am
    Crying cockles and mus-sels

    G7 C
    alive alive-O

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