An occasional anti-virtuosic come-one-come-all Syracuse ukulele conflagration extravaganza!



SyraUke is “An occasional anti-virtuosic come-one-come-all Syracuse  ukulele conflagration extravaganza!”

We’re just a group of people who get together and play. Some of us are amazing musicians, some of us never played a uke before; many of us are somewhere in between.

We meet about every 2 weeks on Saturday afternoons. In the summer we try to meet in Thornden Park.  Other times, we meet at The Art School in the Art School, which is at 1003 E. Fayette Street (corner of South Crouse–the Spark building), back storefront near the parking lot.

Beginners and newbies welcome. We have extra ukes and will show you how to play.

Check out our group on facebook; join our listserv by sending Joanna an email (at joanna.spitzner at gmail dot com)


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  1. Phil Hider says

    Howdy out there.

    I’ve been hacking on a uke for over a year now without benefit of lessons nor anyone to steal ideas from except Dr Uke online. I’d sure like to attend a session if’n somebody would send the info on when the next meet is. I’m retired, live in trendy Marcellus and have 3 (count ’em) 3 ukes. I tune the concert and the tenor with the 4th string at F so I can sing along with my frog-like voice. If you do standard tuning don’t count on me to sing the high notes…I can’t cinch my pants that high.

    Please let me know about the next session. Thanks, Phil Hider

  2. Harriett says

    Hi Phil,
    Did we ever get back to you? We’re meeting this coming Saturday, May 5, 2-5 p.m.1003 E. Fayette, corner of Fayette and S. Crouse. Parking and entrance in the back. Come up the stairs to apt. #8A

  3. Jean MacLeod says

    I am the person who owns The Greater Syracuse School of Music. Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy is a fun summer program of ours. I started it kind of as an experiment to see if there was any interest and have been really surprised and happy with the turnout. People kept telling me this was the only such uke thing in Syracuse.

    On my way back from NYC on the train Sunday I learned about you from a man in our group. Awesome! Then I read about Thornden. I missed it. 🙁

    Do you know of any other ukulele activities coming up in Syracuse in the near future?

    I hope we can collaborate on something soon, i.e., make some music together. Do you meet in the summer?


    • My name is Hoss. I am a UKE enthusiast who also has an open mic show. ( ) Uke players are welcome to come out and get up on stage and have some fun. PA system is provided and mics.
      Show is every Wednesday night at 8:00 at Lew’s on Church St. In North Syracuse. (Near the DMV on Taft rd. )


  4. Come and join us in the St. Patrick’s Parade. Please email me if you are interested.

  5. Carol Burchim says

    when, where and at what time do you meet again?

  6. Patricia Doherty says

    Hi there… I have a beginner ukulele workshop at Liverpool Library once a month…next date is 3/8/14. I start with very basic naming (strings, fingers,etc) & try to do easy warm up tunes, then something “catchy”….hoping to do Bubbly and Hey Soul Sister….hate to practice but will practice with others……have been meeting regularly at a local coffee place on Sat’s at 1PM,

    • alice e. Massa says

      Can you meet with a group to give a fun lesson – would outdoors in a park be OK ? They won’t know what they will be doing until they arrive would be – part of a day of surprise activities. Would i rent ukes – where? there are 18 – 20 fun and nice teacher types in the group

  7. Patricia Doherty says

    Liverpool Library beginner workshop 3/8/14 at 1PM

  8. Dom Pirro says

    Would like to know dates and location of future meetings. I play a baritone uku

  9. Christina says

    Hi, I’ve had a ukulele for over a year now and have off and on tried to teach myself. I can play the C chord pretty well, but as it turns out, I’m not very good at teaching myself to play an instrument and learn much better from other people. It doesn’t look like there’ll be a gathering for a while to learn a little more. Will there be some teaching going on at the next 2 events (Art on the Porches and Make Music Day)? I really would love to learn to play my uke!

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